Huipils - Coban, Verapaz

Coban --- Coban's  Huipil' s often are hand-embroidered with rows of small design geometric and floral elements in a variety of colors around the neck and arm openings.   The traditional cloth was hand-woven open woven material sometime referred to as "gauze-like".  Some are still made of this cloth and may or may not be embroidered. Most Coban huipils today are hand-embroidered on commercial cotton cloth of various quality and some on a fine shiny or patterned polyester cloth. Women from many parts of Guatemala wear a "Coban-like" huipil on hotter days. The huipil's cloth is cooler than the heavy woven materials of other areas of the Highland of Guatemala.  Coban's huipils neck openings are also larger than many other huipils The Coban Huipils we have for sale generally going from smaller to larger.
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