Books for Sale and References: Mayan and Guatemalan Textiles and Culture

Mayan Textiles & Weaving Crafts from Guatemala, Southern Mexico and Central America : References

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֍ Altman, Patricia B.,  and Caroline D. Wes, Threads of Identity: Maya Costume of the 1960's in Highland Guatemala, Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Univ. of Cal, LA, 189 (M, CP) *

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Artes de Mexico, Textiles de Chiapas ,  in Artes de Mexico, Numero 19, Pimavera 1993* dw

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Asociacioun Flor de Algodon, Tejidos en Tintes Naturales, San Juan La Laguna, Solola, Lao de Atitlan., (undated publication) 60 pp.

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֍ Linda Asturias de Barrios, Idalma Mejia d Rodas, y Rosario Miralbes de Polanco,  Cofradia, Mayan Ceremonial Clothing from Guatemala, Ixchael Museum Publications, Guatemala, Guatemala, 1993. 48 pp. *

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Asturias de Barrios, Linda, Dina Fernandez Garcia, Marty Davidsohn, Samuel Franco Arce, Legando de Identidad Maya / Legacy of Mayan Identity.  Friends of the Ixchel Museum, Museo Ixchel Del Traje Indigena, DVD, 2006 (50 min, 4 clips). Includes following films:

  • Mayan Clothing of Guatemala (13 min)  A clip may be available on Youtube *
  • Mayan Cofradia Fiesta (15 min)
  • Legacy of Lake Atitlan  (15 min)
  • Tour of the Ixchel Museum (5 min)

Atwater, Mary M. Guatemala Visited, February - March 1946, Reprinted April 1965 as Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph Fifteen. Distributed by Craft and Hobby Book Service Big Sur, CA 1965 (W, PD)* dw

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֍ Chandler, De֍borah  and Teresa Cordón, Traditional Weavers of Guatemala: Their Stories Their Lives, with 200+ photos by Joe Coca, Thrums Books.

Chandler, Deborah and Ray Senuk, Guatemalan Woven Wealth: Preserving a Rich Textile Tradition, Friendship Bridge 2009

֍ Conte, Christine with assistance of Jonathan Batkin and Cathy Wright, Maya Culture & Costume: A Catalogue of the Taylor Museum's E.B. Ricketson Collection of Guatemalan Textiles; Taylor Museum, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs, CO 120 pp 1984  (E, BW, M)  *

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Endangered Threads Documentaries, Saving the Weavers: Small Assistance Programs for Maya Women in Highland Guatemala. DVD. 2010,  43 min.*

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Kallenborn, Carolyn, Woven Lives: Contemporary Textiles from Ancient Oaxacan Traditions / Vidas Entretejidas: Textiles Contemporaneos de Las Tradiciones Antiguas Oaxaquenas, DVD, UW-Madison et al. funding & sponsorship , 2011, 76 min.

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