CB - Cummins and Welch,  Children of the World: Guatemala

CB - Cummins and Welch, Children of the World: Guatemala

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 Children of the World: Guatemala; Ronnie Cummins and Rose Welch (1990), 64 pp. 12 oz --- [Living Mayan Culture]   

One of my favorites, perhaps because I first learned about this book from Maria (the girl on the cover) herself.  She proudly unwrapped a copy of the book when my husband and I showed a real interest in the traditions and weavings of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.  The book is a fun story a Mayan girl's (Maria's)  life and dreams in the uplands of Guatemala.  This is the area where many of Terra Experience's Huipils (blouses) are woven. Women weave the cloth for their Huipils on a back-strap loom and then hand-embroider beautiful birds and flowers.  The book has many good pictures and descriptions of Santiago Atitlan, Maria's family, her home, the local market and Lake Atitlan.  The book provides a wonderful way to introduce a child to the Mayan culture and every-day life in Guatemala.  It is part of the The Children of the World book series

postscript:  The book was written in the late 1980's.  Maria is now married and a young mother with a young son.  Her family has a small shop that sells traditional paintings, weavings, carvings and some unique pictures that Maria herself has developed that mix embroidery with traditional painting styles. To see a picture of Maria today 

Age:       8 to 12  (with lots of good pictures and information that even an adult can enjoy)