CB - Corn is Maize: The Gift of the Indians

CB - Corn is Maize: The Gift of the Indians

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Corn is Maize: The Gift of the Indians; Aliki (1976). 
[New paperback,
 34 pp.]

Ages: ages 6+, Reading grades: 1st-3rd,  [Natural History]   

Maize is very important to people in both north and central America. Learn about its history and science in this "let's-read-&-find-out book.

Description:      A easy-to-read story about the science and role of corn, or more correctly maize, in the life of the Native Americans and later the Europeans who received the life-sustaining gift.  Aliki's easy reading style and fun pictures hide a wealth of scientific and cultural information.  The next time you take a bite from a golden ear of corn - you'll have a whole new appreciation of where it came from.  While not mentioned in the book --- Mayas traditional tales say that the Gods made the people from corn and thus they call themselves "People of Maize"