Joselyn Cholotio Large Oil Painting - Mayan Families, Back (Espalda) View (P-L-JC-20A) 15" x 30"
Joselyn Cholotio Large Oil Painting - Mayan Families, Back (Espalda) View (P-L-JC-20A) 15" x 30"

Joselyn Cholotio Large Oil Painting - Mayan Families, Back (Espalda) View (P-L-JC-20A) 15" x 30"

Joselyn Cholotio

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Large Oil painting by Joselyn Cholotio of Mayan Families. Shows the Espalda (back) view. She told me it represents the families that have had to flee to the border.  
Joselyn caught my eye as a talented young woman oil painter several years ago.  Today  is is only 16 but her skills are getting recognized with shows in Prague and the United States.
    Approximately 15" x 30", the painting is unstretched and will be sent roll in a tube.

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When I visited her family's gallery, Joselyn provided this information about herself and her paintings:

On September 5, 2003, Joselyn Micaela Cholotío Pérez was born in La Paz, San Juan La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala (Lake Atitlán). Inspired by her father, from the age of five she began painting as her first canvas, recycled paper or machotes that her father no longer needed, with crayons, pencils, etc.

It was on October 30, 2016 that she won first place in a drawing contest scheduled by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and, motivated by her first sale, began her wonderful career as an artist and painter. Among her most outstanding achievements is her exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic 2018, and an exhibition in the United States 2020.

For her, colors mean the different multicolored typical costumes of Guatemala, the multilingual, multiethnic and multicultural of the country and moral values ​​such as peace, harmony, generosity, equality, dignity and life between men and women.

 "In my city, some women painted in oil but did not have the support of any state institution or entity, we all faced the same situation that I had the opportunity to make a change, opening paths for future generations to take off those paradigms and taboos that women could not paint. This is how I worked several hours of my life in my father's gallery, while I was developing before the world of art highlighting my works nationally and internationally, in the great countries of the world like Guatemala, United States , Germany, London, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, among others ... Behind all this there were people full of hate, mockery and selfishness, which unfortunately are some Guatemalans, but this did not stop me, it is more my reason for keep going " Joselyn Cholotío