Panajachel Sash Belts or Fajas from Guatemala - Rack F-PN-K

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Beautiful Sash Belts (faja's) from Chichicastenago, Guatemala.  Choose your favorite (by number) from Rack 18C of belts found during our 2018 trip to Guatemala. Flowers, birds, geometric patterns and much more hand-embroidered on sturdy black and white sash belts. Table (below) includes belt dimensions and condition.  Belt length does not include fringe. Decorated belt length is the portion that is embroidered.  Most are used belts in good or very good condition.    

Belt Number Price Description
18C-1 $40 Width:  2.25"
Length:  86" (35" decorated)
Condition:  Good used
18C-2 $45

Width:  2.25"
Length: 90" (38" decorated)
Condition: Good used

18C-3 $40 Width:  2"
Length:  81" (37" decorated)
Condition:  Good used
18C-4 $45

Width:  2.0"
Length:  101" (37.5" decorated)
Condition: Good used

18C-5 $40 Width:  2.0"
Length:  86" (38" decorated)
Condition:  Good used
18C-6 $40 Width:  2.75"
Length:  80" (35" decorated)
Condition:  Good used