CB - Czernecki and Rhodes, The Sleeping Bread

CB - Czernecki and Rhodes, The Sleeping Bread

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֍The Sleeping Bread, Stefan Czernecki and Timothy Rhodes (1992)  14 oz ---  [ages 4 - 8].

An original fictional tale that uses the backdrop of a Guatemala village to tell a story with a message.  A baker named Beto befriends a beggar who has blue eyes.  The villagers decide they don’t want beggars around during the village’s fiesta and force the beggar to leave.  As Beto listens to the beggars sad tale, a bitter tear falls into the bread batter.  Subsequently the bread will not rise and the Village must face a fiesta without bread.  Beto, through a dream, is lead to the beggar who helps him solve the mystery and saves the fiesta.

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